Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I got the answer

bawu2 neh i ada terbaca 1 kata2 neh..finally i got the answer..dr dlu i tertanya2,salah ke if kte terlalu mencintai some1 yg kdg2 wat kte tersiksa gle ble dia pegi..slalu i slh kn diri i sbb i terlalu cinta kan org yg pegi 2..but now im not blaming myself anymore..

It's not wrong to love a person so much, sometimes the only wrong thing is the PERSON you love. 

yup,i miss his smile but i miss mine more :) now i can smile lebar n selebar mungkin coz finally i got the RIGHT PERSON to love with..i love him damn much..!  

You will never know which one is the right path, if you never had the wrong ones.

i've got the wrong 1 but now the right 1 has come..epy sgt sgt right now..feel like jumping~ jumping~ ;p

Love is not about who you had, but the one who stayed with you till the end.

he is da 1 yg ta penah ckp na tgl kn i..NEVER..even i seteruk mn skali pn..dats y i choose him..as a part of my life..:)

God puts people in your life for a reason, and removes them from your life for a better reason.

I cannot change the past, but I can let it go. (:

p/s : mlm ni he dtg..na bwk i pg mkn..thnx bucuk..luv u..*kish & hugs*



Anonymous said...

semga bebahagia ;)

Anonymous said...

u r a strong girl

u know that wawa?

wawa(",)toink2 said...

thnx guys..:) thnx a lot..

yunyun said...

nice entry..i'm happy for u wa..=)

wawa(",)toink2 said...

thnx yun..:)

gRiJeNeLiA... said...

i was wondering d same thing babe=(

wawa(",)toink2 said...

wondering of wat dear..??