Thursday, February 25, 2010

Da pain is my happiness.. sign~

Memory.. hmm, something yg syg nk dilupakan.. tmbh2 lg if dat memory adalah antra kte wif da love 1.. ta kre la samada memory 2 yg indah or yg perit..

da same goes on me.. memory wif “him”.. even “he” is not da 1st but rs mcm “dia” cinta pertama sy.. bnyk kenangan ngan “dia” yg ta mungkin sy lpe.. syg.. starting when we sm2 kt matrik Melaka.. ta sangka dpt sm tmpt coz b4 dis ta rapat pon ngan dia.. so ms isi boring matrik ta pilih yg sm tmpt pon.. knl pon ta kot ms isi borang.. huhu..

we r getting closer after dat.. n we celebrate our 1st anniversary on 8 of Jan kt sn.. we...?? or sy sorang yg beria.. I bought a cake.. atas dat cake sy tls “wawa sayang hubby”.. n ad pic pooh coz “dia” sk pooh.. but something bad jd pas2 yg menyakitkan.. only “dia” yg tau.. but afta dat we baik2 blk.. n “he” kasi cake da “hubby” part kt sy.. so shweeetttt..=)

tu 1st n da last tyme we celebrate our anniversary wif cake (dat bought by me).. afta dat ta celebrte pon.. just wish.. n dis year, its getting worst..

dunno why suddenly sy teringat psl dis thing.. myb sbb afta da bad tyme we had since my 2nd year stdy at ukm.. hmm..

knp guys have no initiative lgsg ye nk wat something 4 celebrate da important day..?? its once a year guys.. once a year.. plz appreciate ur love.. yes, doing nothing ta bermakna ta syg.. but remember, action is louder than word.. small2 things r enough 2 make gurls rs dihargai.. if ur love turn 2 others br nk regret, its late oredy dear.. n don’t blame any1 if dat happen.. tnya diri sndri ap u wat utk hargai ur love 1.. sign~

pk2 kn n renung2 kn lah.. out~

ni la cake yg sy bli kn utk clbtre our annvrsry.. hmm..

Saturday, February 6, 2010


wat im thinkin'..?? OMG..! cant get rid of it from ma mind.. i never knew how much it hurt.. like a hole in my chest.. why da 1 who not here owez etched in my memory n da 1 who is right here i 4got about him..??

really dont know wat actually i want.. cant find it out.. myb need more time 4 it.. or myb i oredy know wat i want but terrified 2 speak it out..?? can 'HE' wait..?? sign~

miss da 'moment'.. hmm..(T_T)